Three colleagues and three ways of getting started at NEDCON. Meet Freek, Rafael and Stefan!

In recent months we have welcomed many new colleagues including Rafael, Freek and Stefan (also shown in this order on the photo). All three of them have followed a different trajectory of joining NEDCON. Freek became part of our System Integrators team after completing his internship, Rafael is from Chile and wanted to work in the Netherlands and Stefan is back at NEDCON after 10 years of working in Germany. Read more about their experiences below!

Rafael is from Chile and lived in Italy for a while. He had a preference to live in the Netherlands. What are his motivations in choosing NEDCON?

You come from Chile. Do you like it in the Netherlands so far?
Yes, I definitely like it in the Netherlands. It has been a great experience so far. Although I came to the Netherlands in the middle of the last lockdown, I was quickly surprised by the bicycle culture and stroopwafels. I also visited many cities in Gelderland. In my experience, the Dutch culture is very welcoming to internationals. For example, I was helped by agencies with all the immigration procedures, settling in a new city and even finding the job I wanted.

Why did you choose to live and work in the Netherlands?
I did my master's in Italy but I always looked up to the Netherlands. When other friends and colleagues migrated to the Netherlands and found a place to live, I was motivated to do the same. I read a lot about the healthy Dutch balance between free time and work, so I was soon planning my next step to thus live in the Netherlands.

How did you get in touch with NEDCON?
I wanted to work in a company that deals with storage because I was also working in that field in Chile. I made a list of all the possible companies in the field of storage. However, I was not quite sure about sending my applications, I felt that I was not yet proficient enough in the Dutch language. I then read the story of an Italian Structural Engineer on the NEDCON website. This encouraged me to contact him. After our first conversation, it was clear that NEDCON was a company that was open to internationals like me. I then contacted the recruiter. I was surprised by the clear and structured selection process. In general, the communication with the people working in the company has been easy from the beginning.

Why did you choose to work at NEDCON?
NEDCON is a leading company in automated rack design with in-house development of solutions. This gave me the opportunity to work with a team of highly experienced and friendly colleagues who are open to explaining and discussing in-depth engineering projects in an accessible environment. In addition, the company offers excellent working conditions and smooth communication among colleagues.

Why would you recommend it to another person to also work at a Dutch company?
I would recommend it because of the constant concern for improvements and developments of processes. Moreover, they take good care of your personal as well as career development. In addition, the Dutch culture encourages international environments because of the international projects and clients that are worked with. In addition, English is a widely spoken language, which can come in handy when first starting out in many Dutch companies.

Freek joined the company as a Sales Engineer after completing his internship.
What are his motivations in choosing NEDCON?

Why did you choose to stay at NEDCON after completing your internship?
At NEDCON, growth and development are highly valued. During my internship, I noticed that they pay a lot of attention to developing and developing talent, something I look for in an employer at my age. In addition, it is a company with a down-to-earth character and an informal atmosphere, this also appealed to me.

What position do you have and what are your duties?
I am a Sales Engineer in the System Integrators department in team Europe. In this position I am involved in the sales phase of projects. It is up to me to translate the customer's request into a quotation. I do this by making calculations and putting components together. I then discuss this with the Account Manager so that he can go to the customer with a clear story.

What would be your dream job at NEDCON (or is it already)?
My dream function within NEDCON is to be Account Manager. Building relationships and securing great orders are core tasks that I would like to take on. For now, I'm still busy with gaining all the product knowledge and my development as a Sales Engineer so that hopefully in the future I can hold the position of 'Account Manager' for NEDCON.

What is the most important argument you would give another person to work at NEDCON?
It is a project driven organization where almost all facets of the process are in-house. From sales and engineering in Doetinchem, to production in the Czech Republic and installation in (mainly) many European and North American countries. NEDCON does everything in-house. This makes it a unique company where a lot of knowledge is available. A place where everyone can learn something!

Stefan has been employed by NEDCON for over 10 years in the past and then moved to Germany and took a job there. Now he is back in our team! What are his motivations in choosing NEDCON?

You came back to NEDCON after working somewhere else for a while. What was the reason?
I was working for a company in Germany and was therefore away from home a lot. I wanted to spend more time with my family.

How does it feel to be back?
It feels familiar again and like coming home to both old and new colleagues!

What has changed in the company NEDCON in recent years?
The organizational structure has changed to a Business Unit structure. This means that the types of products/systems we sell to our customers are divided into three departments. I myself am now working in the System Integrators department which means that I am involved in designing and selling racking systems in cooperation with System Integrators (they supply e.g. the shuttle) to end customers. These are mostly large, international projects.

What is the most important argument you would give another person to work at NEDCON?
The pleasant working environment, being able to work independently and taking your own responsibility. If you are not satisfied with the work you are doing at that moment, we will look for alternatives within the organization.

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