Join our System Integrators team as Sales Engineer

We are looking for a Sales Engineer to support our colleagues in the System Integrators department! Your future colleague Kevin - fellow Sales Engineer - will be happy to tell you more about the position, the team and our corporate culture!

When did you start at NEDCON, Kevin?
On December 1, 2019, so I have been working at NEDCON for a year now! I first worked in the team for a number of days and then we came to an agreement that it was a match and I started working.

How did you encounter NEDCON at the time?
I was already a bit familiar with the company; I had already seen NEDCON via social media and had visited the website. It came across as a professional company with a good image, which immediately appealed to me. I also liked the fact that it is a company from Dutch region ‘’de Achterhoek’’, the mentality that prevails here suits me. Altogether, it gave me the impetus to call! The first contact was also very pleasant.

What appealed to you in the position?
It was the combination of technique and business administration, which I was educated for. I followed a study in Mechanical Engineering and subsequently I studied Business Administration at the University of Amsterdam. I see both courses reflected in my position. You are really working with the technique, but you are also busy with pricing strategies for example.

In addition, I would like to be of even more meaning within NEDCON, and I am working hard on that. That is also reflected in the fact that opportunities are offered that are more in the vein of Business Administration. For example, with all Sales Engineers of System Integrators we have a platform for which we meet once a month. My supervisor always chaired that, but he now wants to pass that on to me. You get the chance to develop yourself and that is great!

What were your first months at NEDCON like?
Colleague Thomas trained me in the first few months - which went well by the way - but he moved to another team. The guidance was then taken over by Merlijn. He has a lot of experience within NEDCON and is intensively involved in the induction and training process of new employees. A lot is invested in bringing colleagues up to the mark, and ultimately everyone only benefits from this. So you can expect an excellent start in terms of guidance!

What has been the biggest challenge for you?
The challenge is to get to know the systems, there are quite a few. But this actually happened very gradually. You will be given the space to immerse yourself in this so that you can get started thoroughly.

What can you tell about the team that will be surrounding the new colleague?
It is a pleasant team, consisting of 12 colleagues, who are ready to help each other at any time. If one does not get along with the week's work, the other offers to help or take something over from you. We take a good look at the workload. We try to coordinate it so that everyone can go into the weekend with a good feeling. The team is a good mix of many experience and fresh perspectives.

What do you want to say to a potential new colleague?
If you are tech savvy and you really want to succeed, you can at NEDCON! In addition, NEDCON comes after it to give you full support. And if you know the tricks, we look further. We are willing to support your (personal) goals! What else do you want?

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