Davey combines work and study

A full-time job and a study at the same time. Our Sales Engineer Davey combines the best of both worlds: in addition to his job at NEDCON, he also studies Mechanical Engineering. A choice he has never regretted. What makes it so valuable to him? And how does he manage to combine this all? Davey tells:

The start in 2017
“In February 2017, I was under contract of an employment agency for technicians. The agency called me and told me they had found an interesting job at NEDCON. Because the vacancy really appealed to me, I looked up the company and decided to go for it. I was twenty years old when I started working at NEDCON for four days a week. The other day, I went to college to study Mechanical Engineering. After a year, NEDCON took me from the agency and I started working on a full-time basis. Yet still combining it with my study.”

A versatile employee
“To me, working as a Sales Engineer and studying Mechanical Engineering is a golden combination. Even though I am working in sales, having a technical background is indispensable because NEDCON is a technology-driven company. Moreover, my work at NEDCON is a great addition to the purely technical subjects I am taught at school. Here, I learn about economics and our markets in everyday practice, as well as social skills due to everyday contact with our customers. The combination makes me a very versatile employee!”

How does he manage to combine this all?
“It is all about balance. My weeks are pretty plain and simple but with a clear schedule. Depending on the semester, Tuesday or Thursday is a school day. I use these days to study or work on projects in the evening. On other days I spend my evenings in the gym. On weekends, I try to fit in two or three hours to study as well. If needed, NEDCON even gives me the freedom to work on projects in office time, which takes off the pressure a lot for me. It is also a very comforting thought that my colleagues are always very involved and eager to help wherever they can.”

Time flies
“Three years have passed since I started working at NEDCON but it feels like yesterday when I walked through the door for the first time. I guess time really flies when you are having fun. I still learn every day and many challenges lie ahead with lots of learning moments for me to come. Of that I am sure!”

You can see Davey on the left in the photo. This photo was taken before the coronavirus outbreak.

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